4/20: The Story of One Celebration of the Greatest Global Holiday (well, in our opinion anyway)

4/20: A Celebration.

Well, it’s a few days after that most glorious of days. Much has been said about this global holiday, and we hope those who celebrated did so safely (hopefully avoiding harassment from the police). Here’s an insight into how we at The Hempatorium celebrated (pictures below)…

Our day started bright and early (just kidding, it was like 11 o’clock) and began just as any properly celebrated 4/20 should: bong hits. That first hit on 4/20 brings such a special feeling, marking the beginning of a glorious weed-infused day. We savored the moment. When everyone finally arrived, we began to make the most important meal of the day (4/20 style).

Chocolate chip pancakes, waffles, and sausages, all doused in maple syrup and a healthy heaping of cannabutter. A true breakfast of champions in our book.

And, well, everyone enjoys a good smoke after a meal, right? So when breakfast was done and the dishes were cleaned we didn’t waste any time getting back to the festivities. From the assortment of implements we used, it’s safe to say that we were prepared for a gauntlet.

Bongs, a bubbler, a vape, joints, a 2 gram blunt (failed to take a picture before we smoked it…we were a little baked at the time), and a hookah. When it comes to ways of smoking of marijuana, we covered a lot of ground. There were pipes present, but we didn’t end up using them.

An awesomely clutch 4/20 playlist provided the perfect soundtrack (covering about 11 hours worth of music. Yes, there was a lot of Bob Marley) and the burgers and dogs we grilled up for lunch were the perfect complement to the weed we smoked before (and shortly after). Oh, and we weren’t done with edibles just yet.¬†A short time after lunch we went for round two, times two; brownies and cannabutter capsules.

When the clock hit the epic moment of 4:20 (what’s more thrilling than the foggy mad dash to light the blunt at exactly the right time?) we lit the 2-gram blunt that had been soaking in kief the previous night. We later enjoyed some shish sprinkled with weed and kief, while preparing a timebomb. We decided to watch something, and in keeping with all the green going on, decided on Shrek (there weren’t a lot of DVD’s to choose from and Netflix wasn’t working!).

It wasn’t too long into Shrek before our unintended power naps ensued. The edibles and the timebomb hit us, and we all slept through the movie.¬†Honestly though, what’s better than a weed infused power nap? Such a refreshing, rejuvenated feeling. Luckily we all woke up when the movie was over, and we promptly made up for the smoking time that was lost. Lots more bong, bubbler and vape hits were had. At one point towards the end of the night we all rolled our own joints (which was dubbed “personal joint time”).

All in all, it was a great day for us. We were a group of friends celebrating cannabis by smoking all day long, talking about weed (and lots of other stuff) all day long, and listening to awesome music all day long. That’s what 4/20 is all about, and we hope that your day was as good as ours!

The countdown for next year has already begun. How will you celebrate?

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